Home Infusion Services

Methodist Home Health & Hospice in Omaha, NE, provides state-of-the-art nursing and pharmacy services for patients who can receive their prescribed infusion medications outside the hospital setting. Home infusion can shorten hospital stays and speed a patient’s return to daily activities.

Small computerized pumps, often worn in fanny packs, are among the infusion options used today. Working under the direction of your primary care physician, our licensed nurses and pharmacists provide infusion products and on call services 24 hours a day. Home infusion or IV therapies can provide nutrition for patients who can't absorb food or have a feeding tube and antibiotics to prevent or alleviate infections.

Home infusion services include:

  • IV antibiotic therapy
  • Parenteral and nutritional therapies
  • Pain management
  • Chemotherapy
  • Hydration
  • Line maintenance 
  • Steroid therapy 
  • Antiemetic therapy 
  • Medtronic pumps
  • PICC lines and mid lines 

Award Winning Patient Experience

Methodist Home Health & Home Infusion have been granted 2014-2017 5-Star Top Performer Awards from Professional Research Consultants (PRC) for excellence in patient experience.

Comments from patients...

"All the nurses were very professional, helpful. and very thoughtful."
"Them showing up was just outstanding. They were very courteous and explained everything. They took time when they were here and called back if they were concerned and wanted to check on me. I have no complaints. Everything at Methodist was outstanding."
"Very efficient nurse in providing information and care. Felt very comfortable. A very good service."