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Methodist Home Health & Home Infusion have been granted the 2016 Excellence in Healthcare Award.

Health care leaders from across the United States gathered together for the 18th annual PRC Excellence in Healthcare Awards Conference, held in Miami in May. Methodist Home Health and Infusion garnered 2 awards for achievement of excellence in patient satisfaction.

Professional Research Consultants (PRC) is a nationally-known health care marketing research company headquartered in Omaha. PRC patient perception research is conducted to obtain the opinions of the patients at MHS hospitals via a confidential survey that assesses their perceptions of patient care. These and other research findings are used to continuously improve and enhance patient satisfaction throughout Methodist Health System.

Methodist Home Health received a PRC Top Performer Patient Experience Award. These awards are given annually to outpatient service lines, inpatient units and outpatient clinics that score at or above the 100th percentile for the Overall Quality of Care percent "Excellent" score in PRC's national client database for the prior calendar year.

The 5-Star Award is given annually to health care facilities, providers, outpatient service lines and inpatient units that score in the top 10 percent (at or or above the 90th percentile) in PRC's national client database for the prior calendar year. These awards are based on the percentage of patients who answer "Excellent" for the Overall Quality of Care question. Methodist Home Infusion received the 5-Star Award.